Advanced Negotiation Skills Workshop

For Lawyers and Dispute Resolution Professionals:

How to influence and shape real-world commercial outcomes

Day 1: Monday 22 May 2023 (9am – 4:30pm)
Day 2: Tuesday 23 May 2023 (9am – 4:30pm)
Venue: The ADR Centre, Takapuna
Region: Auckland
Professional Development: 8 CPD Hours

The Art of

Lawyers and dispute resolution professionals negotiate every day. Yet, little time is typically devoted to understanding and developing this critical discipline during professional training.

Negotiation is an art form. Behind every great negotiation performance is practice and dedication to the craft. Focusing on sharpening your influencing and negotiating skills will empower you to offer more value to your clients, deliver better commercial outcomes, cement loyal relationships, and attract more business.

In this comprehensive 2-day workshop you will discover, practice, and entrench the skills and behaviours you need to excel at negotiation. Investing in becoming an expert negotiator will reap rewards in achieving higher value agreements and superior commercial outcomes. It will elevate the value you bring to your clients and your firm.

This interactive workshop is specifically tailored for lawyers and dispute resolution practitioners. You will learn from presenter David Ferguson – an expert negotiator with specialist academic qualifications in negotiation and decades of high-value international experience. He will equip you with the techniques and insights you need to become a confident and skillful negotiator. David will be joined by guest speakers who will enhance your learning with their expertise, insights, and advice on negotiation across key practice areas.

In this interactive workshop, you will be guided and supported
to stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone to hone your
negotiation skills.

What materials will be included?

You will be provided with a workbook full of information, resources, and exercises, as well as a selection of pre-reading materials to ensure you get the most out of the workshop.


Standard Fee $2,400
Early Bird Fee (if you book by 15th April 2023) $2,200
*Additional participant from same firm $1,800

*multiple participants from an organisation are encouraged to help embed methodologies and behaviours


Fees are inclusive of:

  • All catering (morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea)
  • All course materials (including pre-reading and workbook)
  • A complimentary post-course consultancy session (40mins) providing advice on an actual negotiation situation you are dealing with (valid for 6 months)
  • GST

What you will learn in this workshop:

  • Key negotiation tactics that you can utilise
  • How to craft a negotiation strategy and how to structure your preparation
  • How to build rapport and manage your relationships

Case studies examining real-world negotiations

  • Panel discussion with guest presenters from a range of legal and negotiation fields
  • Simulated negotiation demonstrations and interactive exercises to practice and embed the key skills, behaviours, and tactics.


You should attend this workshop if you are:

  • A private practice lawyer and you want to upskill and progress within your firm
  • A partner managing relationships, building business, and delivering value for your firm
  • In-house counsel (corporate or Government) and your role involves negotiating on behalf of your organisation
  • A mediator or arbitrator, or you facilitate the negotiation of agreements between parties

We encourage multiple participants from the same firm to attend to enrich your learning experience. Supporting each other by discovering, practicing and embedding the methodologies and behaviours together will be rewarding both during the course itself and useful for maintaining and building on your learning afterwards.

What are the learning objectives?

  • Confidently craft negotiation strategies appropriate for the situation
  • Better understand and effectively manage the negotiation process to achieve better outcomes
  • Increase the value of an agreement and improve relationships
  • Observe, identify, and understand the behaviours and psychology at play in different negotiation situations
  • Effectively manage stress in high conflict situations, know and be able to implement the most appropriate response
  • Broaden your toolbox of negotiation tactics

About the Presenter: David Ferguson

portrait of David Ferguson, the negotiations skills workshop coordinator

David combines extensive commercial negotiation experience with advanced negotiation qualifications. He has worked in both the public sector (as New Zealand’s Trade Commissioner to Japan and Korea) and in the private sector in Singapore, Australia and New Zealand for multinationals leading teams accountable for negotiating up to US$4bill per annum.

David has completed the Melbourne Business School’s Negotiation Course and the Harvard Negotiation Masterclass. He also holds a Doctorate in Business Administration (thesis on team negotiation) and a Juris Doctor (admitted to practice in Victoria). David is also a Chartered Member of the Institute of Directors and an Associate Member of AMINZ.


“I see negotiation as a broad set of skills and techniques that seek out untapped value in commercial relationships and allow agreements to be reached that benefit both parties. It remains the greatest single opportunity for organisations to create shared value by adopting a problem-solving approach and finding innovative solutions.”



“Do it. It’s a rare opportunity to get training of

this caliber.”


“Highly recommend this to empower them with confidence to negotiate.”


“Recommended – very useful content, great speaker, and get to find out your shortcomings in negotiation. It is an excellent course to take if you are unfamiliar with how to structure a negotiation or a refresher for those who do it daily.”


“Great negotiation training with a good company. A great course to cover negotiation fundamentals”


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