Cookies are small data files that can be stored locally on a computer.

Cookies are commonly used to manage:

  • session information and authorisation
  • tracking analytics (including Google Analytics and Google Signals)

Cookies generally help people to use websites and help developers improve websites. For example, if you log in, cookies can track this status and allow you to stay logged in. Cookies can also do things like record which pages you visit when you navigate a website. This tracking information is very useful to developers for improving the website.


Our websites use session and analytics cookies which help us to improve the customer’s experience on our websites. For example, a cookie is used to remember your language preference. The information that is collected is in an anonymous form. This data is aggregated and cannot personally identify you. Our cookies also help ensure there is a secure connection keeping you safe.

Our cookies are always stored in an anonymous form temporarily and expire either as soon as you navigate away from our website or within a set period of time.


You can adjust the settings on your browser to restrict cookies and choose whether to accept a cookie or not. For example:

Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge

Please note that if you disable cookies or are using a firewall with strict policies, this may completely block the cookies on our websites and online services may not work as intended. We recommend allowing access to the safe and anonymous cookies on our websites.

To learn more about cookies and how you can manage them in your web browser, visit:


New Zealand privacy law does not require New Zealand websites to have a cookie consent notice. By accessing and using our website, you agree to and accept the use of our cookies as outlined above. 













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