The ADR Centre is the leading provider of dispute resolution services in New Zealand.
Our offices offer world-class audio-visual technology designed for in-person, remote and hybrid working and are the physical hub for dispute resolution clients and practitioners.
The ADR Centre offers a variety of exciting career opportunities within our businesses. Key positions we recruit regularly include:

  • Case Managers and Registrars
  • Knowledge Managers
  • Law Clerks

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We offer the following benefits:

  • Emphasis on work-life balance
  • Competitive salary
  • Stunning offices overlooking Takapuna Beach
  • Active Social Club
  • Learning and development opportunities
  • Values-based organisation
  • A fun, supportive, and collaborative team


Hear from

our people

“The environment of the ADR is one which is supportive, friendly, and highly engaging. The directors and managers take great care to ensure that you feel welcomed and included. For law enthusiasts, the work in the Knowledge Team is perfect.

After my first interview, I was so impressed by the office that I decided it would be worth it to commute from Cockle Bay. The office views of Rangitoto certainly help.”

Alexander Lyall

Research Clerk, ICRA

“I have worked in marketing management positions for professional services firms throughout my career, but the culture at ADR stands out. I would describe it as very authentic, collegial, and supportive.

Everyone comes from such diverse backgrounds, and they bring a vast range of skills and viewpoints, which makes for a really stimulating environment.

It is a very collaborative environment and being privately owned and operated, we work in an agile manner, and you don’t have to wait an age to get the green light on a project.”

Lucy Nichols

Marketing Manager, ADR Centre

“You never know what to expect when you walk through the door at FDR Centre.

Every day brings challenges. The service we offer focuses on assisting families in times of great stress and knowing that you can make a difference can be immensely rewarding.

 Mediation is forward-looking, my role is to offer guidance to navigate the process. Supporting our most vulnerable is something that everyone can buy into.

A great team really can change people’s lives.”

Debbie Clare

Case Manager, FDR Centre

“As a recent graduate, I believe that The ADR Centre is a good stepping stone into the work industry.

Everyone including the directors are very friendly and approachable, and most importantly your opinions are valued.”

Rae Macaalay

Web Developer, ADR Centre

“Working for the ADR Centre is an amazing experience. Everyone in the company is always so helpful, friendly, and supportive, and our directors prioritize engaging with the employees and acknowledging each person’s contributions.

Having the opportunity to be a part of a family-run business, where employees are valued, rewarded, and treated with absolute kindness, along with the central location and beautiful view of Takapuna beach, makes coming to work each day a joyful experience.”

Brinda Khatri

Receptionist, ADR Centre

The ADR Centre is a family-run business where staff are treated equally and fairly. I am always spoken to respectfully and kindly. My bosses took the time to get to know me and refer to my husband and children by their names.

It is the first place I have ever worked where my efforts are noticed and rewarded. This has made coming to work every day a pleasure.”

Melinda Roxmouth

Accounting Manager, ADR Centre

“Working for the ICRA, under the ADR Centre umbrella, has been the most supported role I have had, thanks to a hands-on Manager and a friendly, helpful team culture.

The ADR Centre itself, with its open-plan office, means staff can easily liaise with each other for business needs, or share a coffee and a giggle in the spacious breakout area.

There is an appreciation for work-life balance, and plenty of smiling faces – it’s a vibe.”

Gwen Fesolai

Case Manager, ICRA

“The ADR Centre is like a family away from home. I’ve always felt supported in the professional and personal aspects of my life.

If you enjoy learning and working as a team, in a supportive environment, this is the place to be.”

Natalia Vila

Manager, BDT

“The ADR Centre is a wonderful place to work. The company values are reflected in the collegial and supportive culture which provides the platform for employees to thrive in their respective roles.

The work is varied and intellectually stimulating, which I particularly enjoy. Working for the ADR Centre gives me the opportunity for professional growth and development, as well as the work-life balance that I was looking for. The company comprises employees of diverse backgrounds who are united by the common goal of resolving disputes in a fair, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

Our office is situated in close proximity to the stunning Takapuna beach which makes coming to work all the more enjoyable!”

Adrian Sharma

Head of Knowledge Management, ADR Centre

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